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Each blend of coffee is the result of the selection of coffee varieties and processing techniques: nevertheless, even if the best raw materials have been chosen and the techniques used are the most sophisticated, for a perfect extraction of the coffee in the cup is important that the machine and the grinder are properly adjusted, and that the bartender uses them correctly.

7 grams

The exact amount of coffee for a single espresso is the reference. In relation to the degree of grinding it gives the coffee the typical "mouse-tail" extraction, that is the consistency equal to the honey that flows from a teaspoon. Already with this indication we realize the goodness of the calibrations made, resulting in the cup with the classic cream that holds the sugar

The correct operating parameters of the espresso machine, although varying according to the make and model of the machine used, can be summarized as follows:

Boiler pressure: 0.95 bar ± 0.05

Pump pressure: 9 Bar ± 0.5

Temperature: 90 ° C ± 2

Extraction time: 25 sec ± 2

Dose grams: 7 g

Volume in cup: 25 ml ± 2 (in 25 sec.)

Cream height: 2-3 mm


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